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Монолог Эллен от 27.10.2011. Ellen’s Mama Found Some Old Photos!

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Вы любите разглядывать свои детские фотки? Эллен ДеДженерес тоже! Только она вдруг поняла, что детских фотографий, особенно за первые пару лет и вплоть до подросткового возраста, у нее нет. И объявила, конкурс: попросила зрителей присылать ей старые фотографии, сделанные с ней в школе или на каких-то других мероприятиях. Как вы думаете, кто представил на него наибольшее число старых детских фотографий с Эллен? Правильно, Бетти!:)

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have a lot of pictures of me, for really the first few years of my life, really not until my teens, really not until I was in show-business.

There is no pictures of me. And I don’t know if other people have the same problem, but for some reason I just don’t have any pictures.

And I’m curious to see if there are any out there, so and I started a contest, and I asked viewers to send in old photos of me if they have some from school or any other thing that we happened to go in school together.

And for the best photo I get, I would give someone a thousand dollars.

Lot of people have sent me a really good photos,  its exciting, cos I’ve been able to see some pictures that I’ve never seen before, and a few that I wish I could unsee.

So yesterday out of nowhere … and the whole reason I started this contest is because I don’t have any pictures… Out or nowhere my Mother showed up with a stuck of old pictures.

I think she was holding out until someone offers a thousand dollars! “Ow I have a couple, Ellen” So there is not many but here is what she gave me:

Here is the first one.

This is my Mom and my Dad and my brother Vince. Clearly the contest is a pictures of me and it’s not a picture of me but not big deal, it’s good, I’ve never seen that before of my brother Vince and my parents, so there is that picture.

And this is another one she gave me. Here is my brother again. My Mother and… look how happy they are! Ow, they look like they love each other so much!

And here is one of me. Here I am. By myself in a crib, nobody holding me, but that’s ok.

And then here is another picture of me. In a crib again, just by myself in a crib. Lets see what other places maybe I was photographed.

I’m in a crib, still in a crib. You know I’ve read it’s not important to be held as s baby, that’s actually is overrated they say.

Here is another one. I don’t know how long I’ve been there, I was looking for food or crumbs or bugs, anything that would sustain me to… Who would do a pic…

What’s the point of picture like that?

I feel that they just wanted to finish the roles so they could get developed to see if there any good pictures of my brother in there. So.

Here is one more picture of me.

Out by myself. Years later, not in my crib at least I got out, but in a middle of the street that was flooded.

I guess I was there to see if it is safe for my brother Vince to go out.

“How is the current? Is the current strong? Is there any water in moccasins? Ok, Vince, it’s safe, go out.”

What is that?

Well I want to thank my Mom for give me those photos, it really explains a lot.

And you’re not eligible for a thousand dollars because the fine principle is the contest is not opened for a family members, but I love seeing the old photos, I really do, keep sending them to me.

And now I’m up the ante!

So instead of offering a thousand dollars… because I want more pictures… so the winner is gonna get five thousand dollars.

So if you have any… I want pictures of me!

Монолог Эллен ДеДженерес от 27.10.2011 – русский перевод (скачать файл)

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