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Монолог Эллен от 18.02.2011

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Что-то давненько у нас не было ничего новенького в рубрике «English with Ellen». Вы учите английский? Говорят, очень классный способ поставить себе хорошее произношение — это просто учить наизусть достаточно большие куски текста и повторять их, в точности имитируя речь того носителя, который их произнес. Ну что может подойти для этой цели лучше, чем монологи Эллен?)) Особенно, когда к ним есть и скрипт, и перевод! А в качестве бонуса можно еще и потанцевать вместе с Эллен ?)

This morning was so cold that Lady Gaga had to get back in her egg. It was a… Hey, oh!  Actually, the sun came out this morning that was nice. It put me in a good mood ‘cause uh… something here…  I woke up, I was in a good mood and then something really annoying happened.

It’s probably happened to everybody. I put on my brand new shirt and this is what I find when I put it on. The security tag is on it. I didn’t steal it! I didn’t! And I have to get it off, which means tonight I… I can’t get it off, but I… I have to bring it back. I have to drive all the way back to JC Penney, where I got it.

And uh, why are they so impossible to get off? I mean, I know why – ‘cause… you know, they don’t want you to steal a shirt, but… And then they fill some of ‘um with ink, so if you’re trying to break it off, the ink gets all over you. And that doesn’t come off, so now it looks like you’ve stolen a shirt and you’ve been attacked by and octopus. And I don’t… there was no alarm that went off.

If there was, I didn’t hear it ‘cause I’m at the mall – all I can hear is babies crying and kids screaming and people yelling at me to dance and that’s all I hear. And then you hear the alarm, and there’s always that split second where you think, “Did I steal something?”. ‘Cause you’re not sure and then you turn around… you expect to be like swarmed by security – no one not even a mall cop on a Segway – nobody there. You could wheel out a full display case of gold watches and no one would bat an eye… nobody. But it’s embarrassing ‘cause you walk out of the store, the alarm goes off and then you have to put that show on to make sure… pattin’ your pockets and holding up a receipt… and you make that face that makes you look more guilty.

I guess this tag is gonna be on all day long. I don’t know… I guess it’s itchy too, but I wanted to wear this. So I can’t get it off, I can’t rip it off and I’m gonna try to shake it off with this dance now.

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