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Монолог Эллен от 27.01.2011. Ellen’s Birthday Reflections

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So, yesterday was my big birthday show. Yeah, it was fun. And the whole thing was full of surprises. My entire staff had been lying to me and hiding things for weeks and weeks and they pulled it off. They really did and unfortunately I don’t like liars so they have all been fired. Out!

I had an amazing year and really my life is…I just feel so grateful and so blessed, so I wanted to look back at my last year, so I brought my journal in. So, that I could share it with you.

So, I can’t share everything but I’ll share. So this is my birthday last year, one year ago. January. 26, 2010. Dear journal, today is my birthday. I had a great day and I am so excited for this year I have so much to look forward to. American Idol is starting up soon. I can’t wait! I think I am gonna do it forever.

January, 27th. Dear journal, I had a great day today, went for a hike, played with the dogs. I forgot how much I like writing in a journal. I am gonna make a goal to write in my journal every single day this year.

March, 25th. Journal, I have big news today. I found out I am related to Halle Berry. We are like 10th cousins once removed. That’s pretty cool. I mean it’s not as cool as finding out you are related to someone like…Oh, I don’t know…Oprah. That would be insane! Could you imagine, journal?

June, 19th. Dear journal, what an exciting day! Remember I told you about all that gold I mailed in for cash? Guess what? The money arrived today! I got a dollar twenty four.

June, 25th. Dear journal, Larry King announced his retirement today. Oprah is almost done with her show. Now all I need is Ridges to retire and all of television is mine. Ha-ha-ha!

August, 16th. Dear journal, today Portia and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary. I came home and Protia…I am not gonna read that one.

November, 1st. Journal, Portia and I are parents. We adopted two baby-cows. Their names are Madonna and Holly. It’s hard being a parent. The cows kept us all night mooing. I am sorry you think we shouldn’t let them sleep in our bed.

Can’t read that.

Can’t read that.

Can’t believe I did that.

What is that a drawing of?

January, 1st. Happy 2011, journal! I had a great New year’s eve! Set a new record, managed to stay up until 9.30. It was crazy, journal!

Vocabulary / Словарь

To pull off – справиться с чем-то, успешно завершить.

To fire smb – уволить кого-то

To look forward to – предвкушать, ждать с нетерпением.

To relate to smb – иметь отношение к кому-то, быть связанным с кем-то, состоять с кем-то в родстве

Insane – безумный, ненормальный, безрассудный

Retirement- отставка, выход на пенсию.

To adopt – усыновлять, удочерять.

Монолог Эллен ДеДженерес от 27.01.2011 – русский перевод (скачать файл)

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